tisdag 8 juni 2010

I'm Moving!

I'm moving my blog to a new place! Please follow :)


måndag 7 juni 2010

Back in Business

I'm home and back in business! Tomorrow is weigh day but I'm not nervous about it. I know that I have gained weight but I feel so motivated it's sick. Hope you all are doing great out there!

onsdag 2 juni 2010

Cyprus Photos

Here are a few pictures I've taken here in Cyprus. In the last picture you can see me and my dad out in the waves. I'll add loads more when I get back, it took me about 10 minutes to upload these 3 with this poor internet connection. Anyway, been sun bathing and swimming all day. I guess that wasn't so good because my skin burns like fire now.

tisdag 1 juni 2010


God damn it's hot down here in Cyprus! Yesterday when we arrived at the airport it felt like getting hit by a wall of molten lava. I got a bit worried about the intense heat but after several bottles of ice cold water it felt much better. We went sightseeing by foot yesterday, for about 5 hours. We had to stop every now and then to buy more water and cool down. Our hotel is located right next to the sea and today we went to the beach, sunbathing and swimming. Me and my dad swam like fat sea lions. I found out that I really love swimming. The only negative thing I have to say about Cyprus is that everything is really expensive. A little salad is about $12 and a steak with potatoes is about $18. They charge quite a bit for the internet connection so I won't be blogging every day.

lördag 29 maj 2010

Eating Bugs

I took Clydes advice on working off last nights adventures. First 40 minutes of walking and a few hours later I went cycling for 7 miles. Enjoyed it but at one point I swallowed a big bug. I was going up a hill and was gasping for air and a big bug happened to fly right into my mouth. Unfortunately I didn't have time to see what kind of bug it was. I hope it wasn't any endangered species. I wonder how many calories a bug is?

Late Night Munchies

I had a serious case of the munchies last night. Damn it! Just before bed I felt that I just had to eat so I went downstairs and grabbed some snacks, a bunch of apples, a couple of sandwiches, 2 cans of diet coke and a few sausages. I had nothing else to eat, that's what scares me. If I had pizza, hamburgers, ice cream and candy I would have eaten it. That's why I don't buy that kind of crap food, so it's not available if I get tempted. Last nights "adventure" landed on about 400-500 calories. Even if it's not much it's still not according to my plan and I feel terrible about it.

fredag 28 maj 2010

Warrior Diet

I talked with a guy yesterday who recommended the "Warrior Diet". He told me a friend of his dropped about 70 pounds so far by using it. I don't have the book but from the warriordiet.com website you can read about it. However, I don't want to try out a new diet since I'm already losing weight.